Top ten reasons to eat healthy


Eating healthy is important to how you function. It can affect your moods, it can affect your weight, and it can affect your body in general. While eating unhealthy can be yummy at times, it produces the opposite effects as opposed to eating healthy. Here’s the top ten reasons to eat healthy:

1. You’ll live longer- studies show that by eating healthier, you’ll have a better chance of living longer than people who do not eat as healthy. For example, according to Nerd*. Women who exercise into their late 70s, and had a diet of fruits and vegetables lived longer.

2. You’ll be more energized- If you eat/drink products that have energy boosters in them such as green tea products. You will be more energized during the day, and be more productive at work.

3. You’ll be less cranky- Studies also show by eating healthier- it can affect your mood and your attitude. By eating healthier, you’ll be happier and less stressed.

4. You’ll lose weight quicker- Losing weight is often times caused by changing your diet. Such as eating healthy and exercising more. Losing weight by eating healthy can also improve your health and cause you to live longer

5. Prevention of diseases- diseases such as heart disease and diabetes (and to some extent cancer) are often caused by unhealthy eating habits. By eating healthier, you not only decrease that risk; you decrease that risk by at least 80 percent.*

6. You’ll have better bone structure- by adding more calcium and Vitamin D to your diet (such as milk and cheese) you’ll be more likely to have a better bone structure, especially in teeth.

7. You’ll control what you eat more- It’s harder to control what you eat when you eat unhealthy because you are eating empty calories. However, eating healthier has the opposite effect.

8. It’ll be easier to save money- instead of spending more money on cake, chocolate and all of the other foods that make you not feel so hot. By changing your diet, you’re eating better foods for yourself, but you are saving money as well.

9. You can boost your brain function- studies show by eating healthier, you will improve your brain function. Foods that contain a healthy dosage of Vitamin B, and folic acid (such as oatmeal) will help improve your brain function

10. You’ll get better nutrients- the healthier that you eat; the more nutrients you will get. For example, if you have at least 500 mg of Vitamin C a day, you’ll being prevented from getting colds
There are so many more benefits to eating healthy, and as a result; you will live longer and you’ll live more of a fulfilling happy life.

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