Ted Talks- genetically modified foods

Ted Talks videos usually cover a special topic of sorts such as Race, Immigration, money, power etc. However, there’s a Ted Talks video that’s been out since May 2015 about genetic engineering featuring Pamela Ronald, a plant pathologist, that has done numerous studies on plants over the years.

The biggest takeaway from watching this talk is that pesticides and insecticides are always in our foods. Anything that we eat that is processed, even foods that were grown on an organic farm are infected by a insecticides, or pesticides to some extent. It’s a horrible concept to think about because we are eating pesticides that could potentially harm us. Alas, they are only around because of the fact that they help foods grow faster, and prevent things such as flooding, or something damaging to the crops such as the Hawaiian papaya incident of the 1950s.

The most shocking part of this video however, is when Pamela talked about the rice farmers. They have been affected by climate changes significantly over the years, such as severe flooding, to the point where their crops get destroyed because of the weather. As a result of all of this, the rice farmers have to use pesticides, so A. their crops dont die and B. so their crops grow faster. Maybe it’s effective because you’ll get more crops out of it, and your crops will grow faster and there will be less insects, but it’s still potentially hazardous to your health.

At the same time however, you are not only harming humans by putting pesticides in your crops, but you are also harming the environment. For example, studies show that there are at least 54 pesticides that are found in spinach, including five that have some type of link to cancer. On another note, pesticides also harm the environment because they can harm the plant root systems, which means plants cant grow like they are supposed to. They can pollute the air if you use too much pesticides in your crops.

Point is, while using insecticides and pesticides in your food can do you some good, such as getting your product out sooner, they can also cause lots of harm to not only yourself, but to the environment as well.

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